I an effort to de-clutter I have culled quite a bit of stuff from my room. I have a box for sale, if anyone is interested make me an offer on an item.

Here is a list of the items:

  • -Leather RIT Folio
  • -Set of 4 Tie Down Straps
  • -Real Mont Blanc Pen
  • -Bosca small money clip wallet
  • -Reproduction Adolf Lange and Sohne Automatic Watch
  • -Set of CD-Rs
  • -Set of DVD-Rs
  • -Senheiser 555 Headphones
  • -TI BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator
  • -Kingston Laptop Lock
  • -Mogo PCMCIA portable laptop mouse.
  • -Low D Tin Whistle
  • -Slim Mount Flat screen mount, for up to 35″ Tvs or monitors
  • -telescoping hiking cane

Plus there is this Ikea Besta! $60 bucks or best offer!