This was inspired by a conversation on “Trophy Office Space” or high quality company space that projects the image a firm wants. Think of dark wood paneled , classic buildings with law firms in them. Or open glass enclosures filled with hedge fund gurus or start-ups. The reality of today though, is that office space is not entirely necessary for many jobs; which often require someone to be in front of a computer, doing creative work, collaborating with peers all over the world. We have the tools to build entire companies from our rooms without ever phonically seeing our team mates. I would argue that there remains some benefits for person-to-person meetings; be it receiving clients, giving a live presentation, or simply working silently in the presence of others to “get your head in the game.”

The original sketch on a bar tab.

So the thought was: “We don’t need colossal office parks and cubical farms, we can all work from home! What we need is a high class meeting room for those critical times when we all need to be in the same room.” To solve this I designed a simple glass building with fully open floors and an elevator shaft. There is a lobby with a receptionist and a roof deck. A small firm might lease a floor (which right now has about 780 square feet of open space) place a few desks or a large conference room; whatever they need for a face-to-face. In this way, the CEO of a start-up could work in his PJs, and then throw on a suit and meet investors at “the office.”

More pictures and detailing to come, but so far the concept is fairly fleshed out.

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