The general design of this desk is inspired by an Ikea model that looks very similar: with regards to the leg lay out.

My goal with the design of this desk was to allow for as much open desk space as possible while providing for a small amount of storage for electronics, laptops, and desk items. The design constraints I chose were:

  • Expose as few cables as possible.
  • Be able to charge and store a docked laptop, a kindle, a phone out of sight.
  • Provide storage for a few pens, paper and sundry desk items.
  • Allow for the use of a large flat screen.

This desk is a simple design with two drawers, one larger and one smaller. Each drawer has an open back with a lip to prevent things from rolling or sliding out, but open to allow for cables to be routed.

The thought is that you would put your laptop docking station, kindle, and phone in the larger drawer, and the cables would come out the back to be routed to the monitor, keyboard, and power source. The fronts of the drawers are completely flat so at first glance it would appear that there were no drawers at all;

a small slot in a dropped lip allows the drawers to be opened.

The small triangular notch at the back of the desk provides a solid area to clamp or bolt a monitor arm which will let you float a large flat screen over top the work surface and makes it very easy to slide off the removable top. By removing the top you can make adjustments to the cables as well as store rarely used items like a wireless router, a power supply, or even valuables that you would like to keep out of sight. The top would likely sit in small slots or have a few short dowels to hold it in place. The goal would be that a closed desk would appear as one solid block of material.

The legs of the desk would be welded together steel or aluminum components, likely chrome plated, or powder coated if aluminum, or hard glossy paint. The legs are fairly large with small slots in their top and bottom allowing cables to be passed through. I envision passing a power cord to a power strip through one of the legs into the bottom of the desk. From here we would plug in a laptop docking station, the monitor power supply, the cell phone and kindle charger which would have their cables affixed to the inside of the large drawer. I’d easily be able to pull the drawer open and grab the laptop out of its docking station, but hide it and keep the desk clear of all but my object of focus.

I hope to post pictures of the real thing in the future!