This house represents an actual concept of a place I might like to live in the future. The goal here is to reduce possessions to the bare essentials; while at the same time having a reasonably pleasing environment that would still allow for entertaining. I eliminated as many walls as possible, only providing a small wrap-around for the bathroom enclosure. The construction is concrete block with a concrete floor and truss ceiling. Light is provided by a few track elements and the large windows. Heating is provided through the floor, while air conditioning is housed on the roof. I envisioned this being located either in a city overlooking a park of sorts, or a more remote dwelling perched on a hill. This could be at home over-looking rock creak park in DC or the San Francisco Bay.


The bathroom is almost entirely open, there are no shower curtains, doors, walls, partitions, just two walls to close in the space. The shower is mounted on the wall in one corner, and the Japanese TOTO toilet in the other corner. There is a small inset for shower items, a few towel racks and one medicine cabinet above the sparse sink. I can’t imagine what more would be needed in a bathroom; the toilet paper function is handled by the toilet. The medicine cabinet can easily accommodate the few things one might need to get ready. The large window lets in a lot of morning light.


For this kitchen I asked the question: “what do you need to do in a kitchen, if you spend a lot of time eating out and don’t have much more then you or you and your guest in the house at any time?” Notice there is no refrigerator or dishwasher, actually there is a small refrigerator hidden behind the right most cabinet, with a freezer drawer hidden behind the draw to the top left of the sink. There is also a small dish washer/drawer behind the cabinet near the oven.

A microwave is recessed at the end of the island, as well as a more normal oven. On top is a simple sink and a two burner stove, because honestly how often do you use more then two burners at one time? The rest of the drawers could provide enough space for a few plates, glasses and kitchen accessories; nothing fancy, just those thing that have the most utility and can prepare the bulk of the meals one would eat at home.

Office and Bedroom

In this picture we can see the “office” which is nothing more than a desk, a chair, and a computer. In fact, had I designed this after the desk I recently posted about, that desk would have been perfect for this space. The desk is located in the center of the space allowing the user to be as far away from potential distractions as possible, as well as be centrally located to all the things that would be needed during work, such as a bathroom break or a snack.

We can also see the the bedroom in this picture, which is a platform bed over a simple animal rug. It’s likely that this bed would flip up to revel some storage space for off season clothes or luggage. Next to the bed is a dresser and shirt rack. The idea would be that there is not much clothing in this place and so there need not be that much space to store it. Any laundry that needs to be done would be handled by a pick-up service. The top of the dresser and first couple of draws hold all the random dressing trinkets.

Living/Dining Room

The areas in this picture are the living room and dining room, which defined entirely by the furniture and placement. A sofa and Le Corbusier lounge over an area rug define the living room, where a large glass table below a painting define the dining room. I’d imagine if this were my space, I’d add a simple stereo to the living room area. A simple space to think, converse with friends, or have one to many cocktails!


The exterior is as simple as the interior. A floating wall staircase takes any one to the roof to sunbath, grill, or maintain the AC unit. This arrangement sets this building in a city up against a street (where my motorcycle happens to be parked).

Final Thoughts

By starting out with a completely blank canvas and adding only those things that are needed or give me true pleasure, this is the building I arrived at. Certainly each person might slightly modify or add and remove elements. If you see something that you think is absolutely missing please let me know! Maybe I overlooked something, but I can’t think of it now.