As a follow up to this post here we have a series of views of the office building. As mentioned in the prior post, this building is designed to accommodate small to mid-sized firms that are largely dispersed with remote work environments. The firm might lease this space or a few of the floors to have a conference room and some “on-the-ground” offices to meet clients or hold discussions. I conceived of the idea of stacking glass boxes one on top of another to create the space; this was largely achieved by tying everything to a offset core containing the utilities, elevator and bathrooms. The floors are cantilevered off this core with steel trusses, but designed to appear as solid cement slabs. The core itself is reinforced concrete around large steal beams anchored to a massive foundation. I have a feeling that this building as designed may break many building codes; but with some re-work it could become a feasible design. Enjoy!

The building is designed to look like floating glass boxes. The elevator core ties everything together, while the floors themselves are designed to appear like solid slabs.