This weekend I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu 10, I simply was fed up with msMpEng.exe taking up all of my memory, or the Windows indexer using all of my processing power… maybe it was Outlook take 100 years to start. In short, Linux is a breath of fresh air.

I had been avoiding the inevitable for one reason or another for some time; I am all for open sourced software; but for a time it was computer games, then engineering software, then graphics software (all of which were windows only) that prevented me from making the switch. I’m not much of a gamer any more and I have to say the truth is that ones tools do not impart skill; I should have no problem continuing to design and create with the software easily available on Ubuntu. Increasingly ones computer is simply an internet portal, the majority of work being completed in the cloud; perhaps that is why only recently has Linux been gaining more mainstream adoption from former windows users. I was able to do almost everything I did on windows immediately, so I didn’t feel out of touch and could take my time learning the differences. Thus far I have been very pleased.

Some of my favorite features is the seamless integration with chat and social services, I have a widget that shows my whole buddy list from facebook or gchat right at the desktop. There is also a feed tool that shows updates from facebook, twitter, digg and other services. Another great feature is the package browser/software center. This let’s you manage your installations and updates in an effortless way. I was surprised how instantly everything “just-worked.”

What really excites is the new found control I’ll have over the operating system, something that just did not exist with windows. I recommend you check it out, you can test it on a cd or usb stick and install it alongside windows in a duel boot configuration.

Available for Desktop and Laptop

Available for Netbook