No caps lock key here, it has been replaced with the search button!

Yesterday I was welcomed home with an unmarked, laptop-sized, cardboard box which contained to my delight a new CR-48 Chrome Notebook.  For those interested in the pilot program, head over to Google and check it out.

It is No Nonsense

This is exactly what a laptop should be, all you need and nothing more, and very few ports:

  • One USB
  • One VGA
  • One Headphone jack
  • One SD Slot

That is it, outside of the keyboard there is not a single printed word on the black, rubberized case, not even “google”. The whole thing exudes that “first principles” attitude google took to making it, mentioning in the key-note address that most operating systems began their life before the internet was such a prevalent force, Chrome OS being one designed to deliver the web directly.

Nothing but Net

The promotional videos are no joke, this thing starts up in a few seconds and boots right to Chrome. I was amazed, having come from my terrible windows work computer; how fast this thing started. It is a little odd at first having only the browser window, but it soon dawned on my that truly very little of my day-to-day computer activities do not occur on the web. This blog is a perfect example, composed entirely in the WordPress web application.

Are we ready for the Cloud?

Using the CR-48 is a little like getting shoved out of the nest as a baby bird; I think most of us like the safety of our current operating system, however for the most part we can do everything we need to in the cloud. There is no problem using social media, email, task management, yet there are a few drawbacks that I have discovered:

  • Development Tools – Right now there appears to be a lack of web applications for web development, although rumor is the next eclipse will be a web application.
  • File Transfers – You can download files and then access them from other applications, but this could be improved; I’d like to be able to access my Dropbox folders from the gMail attachment dialog, for example.
  • PC Still Required – It might be possible, but it would be a tedious pain, to “convert” to full Chrome OS usage without the benefit of a normal desktop. Documents will need to be converted to online versions, photos uploaded, notes scanned and uploaded.

Making the Jump

I don’t think that I will be a 100% online user  in the near future, too many of my activities demand legacy software; in all though I’m extremely pleased with the Chrome OS Laptop and it will make for a perfect internet appliance while on the go.