The Source

Great article from lifehacker

The Goal

  • Calculate the cost of your living space that is devoted to items that you don’t use.
  • Calculate the cost of those items you don’t use.
  • Add on the “emotional cost” of seeing them unused or remembering bad events.

The article suggests that this exercise will help you get get a feel for the monetary cost of clutter and motivate you to do something about it.

My $0.02

I like the idea of this article as I’m a nerd and getting data and numbers around more intangible problems always helps me deal with them. However, there is some assumption that there is value in empty space, that even if you are not using something it is better to not have it. I more or less agree with this, we make a contract with each item we have, and if we are not using it, just looking at it will make us feel bad.